Scene Study Workshop

 VoiceOver Workshop

We can also receive payment on first day of class with credit cards or cash.

This is to certify an agreement between all students and Christopher R. Miller.

Mr. Miller agrees to provide instruction and guidance for the development of professional actors.  The student agrees to the following terms:

  1. Payment of tuition implies agreement to all terms set forth by Mr. Miller. Tuition will be paid on the first class of the month & is non-refundable. 
  2. Students are to be on time.  Students will be in their seats ready to proceed with all required materials.* NO EXCUSES.
  3. Students must be positive and supportive of each other and the instructor.   This is a safe space for everyone. Please refrain from directing or critiquing except when the instructor opens the floor for students to do so.
  4. Students must take the initiative and immediately contact the Instructor when absent from class and have another student fill their time slot. PRIVATE STUDENTS MUST RE-SCHEDULE within a reasonable time period at the instructors discretion. Any student’s time missed from class is not prorated. However, if the instructor cancels class, the tuition paid will be applied to the following month.
  5. Students will bring their class manual, (THE WORK – An Actor’s Guide* for SCENE STUDY and ENTER THE BOOTH for VOICE OVER) with them everyday to class. 

Whether you intend to pursue it in the future or not, in this class, you are a professional.