Your Instructors

Trenton James Krummenacher: Instructor


Trent is originally from Williams, Arizona. After graduating from Ricks college he moved to Salt Lake City to pursue his career as an actor, artist, and comedian. 

Upon arriving in the Great Salt Lake Valley, he fell in with an improv troupe called Skinny Lincolns, run and managed by the infamously talented Lincoln Hoppe. It was here he met his partner in improv comedy Christopher Robin Miller, and received his training in improvisational comedy, learning and drilling the basics of improv with talented actors and comedians alike. 

He has performed as an actor all over the state, including; The Wiseguys Comedy Cafe, The Comedy Circuit, The world famous Desert Star, and the Hale Center Theater in West Valley, but his true love is making up scenes and improvisational comedy on the spot. Any given weekend you can catch him doing improv comedy on the Comedy Sportz stage on Center Street in Provo UT. 

His favorite improv games are ones that include singing and telling stories to delight audiences. He met his beautiful wife Jennifer here in Utah, and together they are trying their best to raise their three lovely daughters, Eva, Vivian, and Charlotte. 

He is an accomplished on-camera talent with many credits as well. Ask him about it and watch him squirm.

Christopher Robin Miller: Instructor/ Director of the P.A.C.


A veteran actor with over 35 years experience. 

  • Film & Television roles directed by Rob Reiner and Steven Soderbergh as well as projects for Disney Channel, CBS and HBO.
  •  Stage roles including Norman Cornell in 'Star-Spangled Girl', Jesus Costazuela in 'The Odd Couple- Female Version', and Mendel in 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Y
  • Years of experience working with improv troupes; The Garrens, The Skinny Lincolns, and now with ComedySportz.
  • Producing, directing and writing his own sketch comedy show Chez Comedez.

All this lends to his expertise in bringing out the best in those whom he teaches in his acting workshops.

Christopher Robin Miller’s voice over credits include 
  • commercials (McDonalds, AT&T, JC Penney Subway, Cheetos), 
  • animated features for IMAX, CARTOON NETWORK and HBO Family.
  • Video games for NINTENDO DS and SONY Playstation. 
  • Writing, producing, casting & directing VO commercials (Meadow Gold, Library of Congress)
  • directing dialogue for animated features (The Light Before Christmas - IMAX, Spooky Bats & Scaredy Cats) 

His years of experience with working in “the padded room” as well as directing actors he puts in there, lend to his expertise in bringing out the best in those whom he teaches in his Voice Over workshops.



"I have studied with top acting coaches all over the country. Heck, when Jessica Chastain was yer best friend ya had to. I have to admit I think Christopher Robin Miller is hands-down my favorite. His scene study classes are really fun if you do the work. And his private coaching sessions are killer. My bookings proved it. Saying that... His Private Voice Over Master Class is unmatched. I am a natural VO artist simply because of shear vocal phone-sex genetics (giggle). But he is next level genius. Investing in your craft is important. Just like with headshots... Do it right the first time.

He put together my demo for me and I think it is pretty darn fantastic. So worth the price!! Actually, I don't think he charges enough!! I wish he was in LA!!!"

-Vanessa Menendez

Actor, Photographer, Owner - V Media Group

"Let me pipe up and recommend this workshop. I regularly use Chris Miller for his voice on animation projects. I have hired him to teach voice classes at BYU. I have known Chris for 20+ years and am confident that even seasoned professionals will learn and grow from taking his classes."

-Kelly Loosli 

Professor BYU Animation,
Animator/Character Designer DREAMWORKS

"Having worked with many actors and voice talent in my field, I was constantly impressed by Christopher's insider knowledge of the performing process. He provides insight into the inner working of acting and voice work that provides our projects with an extra degree of professionalism and creative perfection."

Sean D. Young 

Creative Director Kinara Advertising

 "Christopher's ability as an actor makes him equally effective as a Director and Teacher. His approach is straightforward, honest, never cruel and is always based on what is true and right."

- Jason Richard Barber

Co-Founder/President AnotherNeck Pictures

 "His talents and skills are matched by his vast knowledge in the fields of acting, writing, directing and coaching actors for television, film, radio and stage. We recommend Christopher Miller's Scene Study and Voice Over Workshops to many actors who wish to further their careers; where they can learn to apply the techniques of acting to the professional entertainment industry."

- Vickie Panek 

Talent Management Group 

 "This is a can't miss workshop! I've had a desire to do voice over work for the longest time, but didn't know where to start. Christopher walked me through how the industry works, got me playing on the mic from day one, and provided tips and tricks that brought more out of my voice than I knew I had in me. I looked forward to each new session. I just wrapped up the class a few weeks back and have had 4 voice over jobs since. So worth it!"

- Chantel Flanders 


A consumate actor that is overwhelmingly talented. From improv comedy to unforgettable film characters, Chris is one of the finest actors I know. From radio voiceover to stage his performaces are always memorable.”

-Brent Marshall 

Voices Online Now


HISTORY of the P.A.C.


The P.A.C. was established in 1994 by Scott Ditty, an actor with many years of training and experience in professional film, television and theatre.
He came to Utah after seven years of study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse with the legendary acting teacher and director Milton Katselas, and award winning actor Jeffrey Tambor Mr. Ditty brought his talent and skill to Salt Lake City where he found a great need and hunger for training specific to those whose desires and goals were to enter the professional arena of film, television and theatre.  It was then that he introduced a 3 - pronged approach; Acting Technique, Career Administration and Attitude of the Artist. 

This approach was introduced to train local actors with the same rigorous and effective method that he was the benefactor of during his years at the BHP.  The result was nothing less than astounding!  Actor after actor who entered the PAC classes were soon finding themselves signing with representation,  auditioning for  and booking network television shows and roles in major features being filmed locally, as well as countless local films and television productions.  Over the next five years, the PAC offered extensive training in beginning and advanced scene study for adults, teens and children.  Specific workshops were offered for commercial acting, voice acting, relaxation for the actor and career administration.    

It was also at this time that a group of very talented and motivated actors formed the Theatre Group “Salt City Productions” from the ranks of the advanced adult scene study classes. Scott had the great honor of directing their debut production of “The Odd Couple (female version)”, which was also the inaugural theatrical production at the Rose Wagner Performing Art Center. That production starred then PAC student and current PAC Director Christopher Miller, whose performance was truly a highlight of the production.  Off the success of that production, Salt City Productions continued to produce theatre and is now known as “Pygmalion Productions”, one of the top semi-professional theatre companies in Utah.


In late 1998 Scott returned to Los Angeles where he continued to work in film, direct theatre, dabble in producing television and resumed his training at the BHP.  In recent years, due to his devotion to family and his passion for education and athletic competition, he has chosen to pursue his other loves of teaching and coaching.  He has recently returned to Utah and is teaching Film Studies at Alta High School, coaching football and yes….. always has irons in the creative fire!
His resume includes but is not limited to such films as Con Air, The Rocketeer, Last Resort and Just in Time to name a few.  Television credits include Murphy Brown, Quantum Leap, Touched by an Angel and Promised Land and he has appeared in several Network Movies of the Week such as Before he Wakes, In the Blink of an Eye and The Ticket. Some highlights of his stage performances are playing “Bernardo” in West Side Story and “Snoopy” in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

 In 2018, the P.A.C. continues to evolve and grow under the direction of Mr. Miller as the source for professional artistic and career development.